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Social Club For The Win!

In Partnership with Social Club Hard Seltzer - Drink Responsibly

We talked to Stephanie from MI and here’s what she had to say:

Stephanie’s First Impression
I was excited to try Social Club because it looked like a old-fashion seltzer judging by the packaging. The flavors sounded good and reminded me of fall time. Same with the packaging.
Her Thoughts On The Taste
I tried the old fashion flavor. I was expecting a seltzer beer flavor. I liked that the flavor was crisp and it hits you with a punch.
A Perfect Pairing: According To Stephanie
I would pair a burger and fries with the Social Club Hard Seltzer. I had my hard seltzer with some smoked BBQ. The hard seltzer has a smoky aroma to it.
Why She Would Share Social Club Hard Seltzer With A Friend
I would recommend Social Club to all my friends who enjoy hard seltzer. Social Club is low calories but still has a decent alcohol content. You can easily enjoy Social Club at any get together.
Social Club is packed with a crisp flavor and perfect for any get together.

Social Club Hard Seltzer