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Seltzer For The Refined

In Partnership with Social Club Hard Seltzer - Drink Responsibly

We talked to Kaitlen from WA and here’s what she had to say:

Kaitlen’s First Impression
I love seltzer! I am always very excited to try a new brand and see how it competes with some of my favorites. When I saw Social Club Hard Seltzer available, I was surprised. It looks very different than other packaged seltzers; it had an old time-y feel to it. Then, when I read the flavors, I was shocked! No mango, lime, guava, pineapple here...these are real, classy, mixed cocktail flavors one could expect to enjoy in a speakeasy nestled away in downtown New York. Old Fashioned, Sidecar, and Citrus Gimlet? My curiosity can't take it anymore! I must try.
Her Thoughts On The Taste
I went straight for the Citrus Gimlet flavor. It is a hot day, and I want a crisp, refreshing beverage. This is so incredibly smooth, light, bubbly and 7% ABV? Dreams do come true! No sugary, artificial sweetener taste; it really tastes like a clean beverage. I can not wait to try the other flavors... how soon can I pop into those?!
A Perfect Pairing: According To Kaitlen
Literally any food would pair with Social Club. This is the perfect hot day drink, and it would go great with a grilled burger, salmon salad, or some good old fried chicken. This would pair easily with the fussiest of palates.
Why She Would Share Social Club Hard Seltzer With A Friend
I would recommend Social Club to a friend because it is delicious! Seltzer is all the rage right now, and this seltzer stands out, given its unique packaging and retro feel. Even the cans are fun with the copper tops and slender design. What seltzer lover wouldn't want to try this? It's low carb and packed with a swift kick of potency... take THAT light beers!
Social Club Seltzer: getting classy folks wasted since 2020.

Social Club Hard Seltzer