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Golden Flavors

In Partnership with Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold — Enjoy Responsibly

We talked to Savanna from MN and here’s what she had to say:

Your thoughts on the taste?
Michelob Ultra Pure Gold is light and refreshing. I love that it has great flavor but is also a light sipper.
Why were you looking forward to trying Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold?
I love that the beer is organic. I also like the colors and flavors. It makes me feel that I'm making a better decision for myself!
Would you share one with a friend?
They are guilt free and great tasting- I think my friends would love Michelob Ultra Pure Gold!
Tell us your favorite thing about this beer...
The flavor, price, and low calorie count are all my favorite! I also love the skinny bottle.
Michelob Ultra Pure Gold is organic and delicious!

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold