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Finally a Beer for Me

In Partnership with Michelob Ultra - Drink Responsibly

We talked to Stacy from OH and here’s what she had to say:

Why Were You Excited to Try Michelob Ultra?
I have been looking for a beer I could drink with a meal and not feel too full. Michelob Ultra hits all the right marks, great refreshing taste, and no bitter after taste to ruin a good time. Plus it's smooth and perfect when you don't want to lose great taste while cutting calories.
Your Initial Thoughts on the Flavor...
The flavor was surprisingly nice compared to other light beers I have tried. It didn't leave a heavy after taste in my mouth or on my stomach. I didn't have high hopes that this beer would satisfy a thirsty feeling, but it was quite delicious and quenched my thirst.
Stacy's Take on the Perfect Pairing.
This is the perfect social gathering beer. I will have this beer at a backyard party with the grill, making delicious burgers and hot dogs. This beer will be at all the summer parties because it will never make you feel too full to have a good time.
Why You'd Recommend This Beer to a Friend...
Not only would I recommend this to friends, but it will be my new take-a-long drink to parties. I will have the cooler full with Michelob Ultra and ice to stay refreshed at all the gatherings. So many of my friends are worried about extra unnecessary calories and now I can suggest a way to still enjoy a beer and not regret your choices.
Michelob Ultra is the best tasting, no regrets beer that I will include at all my future parties!

Michelob Ultra Light Beer