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A Beer Anyone Could Enjoy

In Partnership with Michelob Ultra - Drink Responsibly
Why Were You Excited to Try Michelob Ultra?
I have never tried Michelob Ultra, but keep hearing that it is really good. What caught my attention was the low calories.
Your Initial Thoughts on the Flavor...
The flavor is really good. What I enjoy the most is that after you have a drink, you don't get the bitter aftertaste. The beer it's smooth and even, though it's light and strong at the same time.
Neiva's Take on the Perfect Pairing.
The flavor is so smooth that this beer would go with any type of food. Really anything you'd like to pair it with, you will enjoy this beer.
Why You'd Recommend This Beer to a Friend...
I would recommended this beer to my friends and family. I believe everyone could enjoy this beer.

Michelob Ultra is a smooth, but at the same time, a strong beer that anyone could enjoy, that won't give you the bitter aftertaste.

Neiva, CA

Michelob Ultra Light Beer