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The Island Of IPA's

In Partnership with Goose Island Brewing Company — Enjoy Responsibly

We talked to Samantha from IL and here’s what she had to say:

What She Thought Of The Flavor Of This IPA
I'm excited to give Goose Island IPA a try! The hoppy, grapefruity description definitely caught my eye! The green packaging looks sleek too.
Samantha's Take On The Perfect Pairing
The flavor is good! Goose Island IPA is light and crisp with no bitter aftertaste!
When She’d Enjoy One
Goose Island IPA is great for parties, get togethers, or just hanging out! It fits nicely in the fridge, and it's both refreshing and crisp.
How Goose Island IPA Fits Into Samantha’s Summer...
I definitely would recommend Goose Island IPA to drinking friends! It's definitely a good IPA and not overwhelming.
Goose Island IPA is a great light IPA.

Goose Island IPA