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The Great Goose

In Partnership with Goose Island Brewing Company — Enjoy Responsibly

We talked to Cecilie from FL and here’s what she had to say:

What She Thought Of The Flavor Of This IPA
I was excited because it is an IPA and it said on the bottle it had a grapefruit flavor and I enjoy fruity beers. What caught my attention was the logo and the colors.
Cecilie's Take On The Perfect Pairing
I love the flavor because it is fruity. The grapefruit flavor stands out a lot and I like that. It is a bit bitter like an IPA usually is but the fruitiness is refreshing and takes away from the bitterness which is nice.
When She’d Enjoy One
I would keep Goos Island IPA on hand because the flavor is light and fruity. It is a nice combination of hoppy and fruity. It goes down easy and is smooth.
How Goose Island IPA Fits Into Cecilie’s Summer...
This IPA reminds me of a sophisticated beer, so I would bring it to a classy party or get together with friends.
Goose Island beer has a hoppy IPA taste combined with a fruity and refreshing aftertaste, which makes it a perfect pair.

Goose Island IPA