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The Perfect Flavor IPA

In Partnership with Goose Island Beer Company — Enjoy Responsibly

We talked to Ashley from NC and here’s what she had to say:

What made you excited to try Goose Island?
I love Goose Island IPA and usually only grab it when at a bar who has it on tap. I loved being able to drink it in the comfort of my own home. I love the amount of hops in it!
Thoughts on the flavor?
I love the flavor of Goose Island IPA. It's perfect and there's nothing I would change about it.
Would you keep a few on hand?
Goose Island IPA is great to have on hand when friends come over. It's the perfect drink to have while just chatting, eating and hanging out.
Why you'd recommend Goose Island IPA to a friend. . .
I definitely have friends that I plan to recommend Goose Island IPA to. I have friends who love IPA and I know would like this.
Goose Island IPA has the perfect amount of hops and great flavor!

Goose Island