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Sick Of The Same Old Beer? Try This For A Change.

In Partnership with Goose Island Beer Company — Enjoy Responsibly

We talked to Kimberly from OH and here’s what she had to say:

What made you excited to try Goose Island?
I was very excited to try the Goose Island IPA in the lower calorie version. What caught my attention about Goose Island beer was the sophisticated packaging.
Thoughts on the flavor?
I think the flavor of the Goose Island IPA is fruity and refreshing, a nice change from the same old beer. The beer does not have any kind of bitter aftertaste like some beers do.
Would you keep a few on hand?
I would keep Goose Island IPA on hand because I have several friends who don't really care for traditional lager. I think they would like this grapefruit flavored beer much better.
Why you'd recommend Goose Island IPA to a friend. . .
I would recommend the Goose Island IPA beer to several of my friends who might be looking for a refreshing alternative. Others would definitely enjoy this beer because it's different than other beer options.
A great-tasting beer with grapefruit undertones.

Goose Island