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An IPA For Everyone

In Partnership with Goose Island Beer Company — Enjoy Responsibly

We talked to Stacy from IN and here’s what she had to say:

What made you excited to try Goose Island?
I was excited to try Goose Island IPA because I have tried other beers from Goose Island and really liked them. This is a tasty IPA, you can taste the citrus and the IBUs are just right to make this beer super drinkable. I love the blown up hop on the packaging and the classic Chicago stars!
Thoughts on the flavor?
I taste a little hop at the beginning and then it finishes with that grapefruit flavor. With some IPAs, all you can taste is the hop and it leaves a bitter aftertaste, but not this beer! This beer finishes with the grapefruit and a tiny sweetness of refreshment on your tongue.
Would you keep a few on hand?
This is a new must-have beer for me. It's a beer that anyone who likes beer will enjoy. Having some Goose Island IPA on hand for when friends come over will be the new normal here.
Why you'd recommend Goose Island IPA to a friend. . .
I would recommend Goose Island IPA to my friends. It's a refreshing IPA with lower IBUs that I think will appeal to those not accustomed to drinking IPAs.
Goose Island IPA is a very drinkable, refreshing IPA that tastes of hop, but also a little grapefruit sweetness to finish.

Goose Island