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Surprisingly Refreshing

In Partnership with Cerveza Patagonia - Drink Responsibly

We talked to Kristeen from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Kristeen On The Taste
Cerveza Patagonia is a light refreshing Pilsner. I thought it would be heavier based on the imagery of mountains and trees, but I am happily surprised. This is similar to a Corona or a Modelo but with much better flavor. I also love the bottle neck shape!
What She Pairs With Her Cerveza Patagonia
I think that Cerveza Patagonia would go great with steak or burgers. I imagine it would be awesome at a barbecue!
Why Kristeen Would Share One
The price pint is accessible and I'd definitely recommend Cerveza Patagonia to a friend who was looking for a light tasty Pilsner. It's different enough from competitors to recommend.
Her Take On Patagonia’s Planting Project
I love this initiative! Deforestation is a big problem and it's great that my purchase is helping the environment!
Cerveza Patagonia is a great option for those who want a refreshing flavorful Pilsner, and even better for the environment!

Cerveza Patagonia