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Delicious Beer On a Mission

In Partnership with Cerveza Patagonia - Drink Responsibly

We talked to Anna from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Anna On The Taste
I usually do not try Pilsners because I thought I did not like them, but after trying Cerveza Patagonia, I'm sold on the taste. My first impression was a crisp, smooth, refreshing, and almost fruity taste. It's a very enjoyable, easy-to-drink beer.
What She Pairs With Her Cerveza Patagonia
I enjoyed my Cereveza Patagonia with homemade tacos. The flavors complemented each other very well and helped extinguish the fire in my mouth from the jalapenos. This beer would be great with any other casual savory food like burgers, hot dogs, and barbequed steaks and chicken.
Why Anna Would Share One
My friends and I tend to share the same taste in beer, as we like smooth tasting refreshments. We usually drink Heiferweisens, but to me, this Pilsener tastes better. I will definitely be sharing this beer with my friends, and it may become the next staple to our gatherings.
Her Take On Patagonia’s Planting Project
As a millennial, I'm impressed with Cerveza Patagonia's pledge to donate 1 tree for every case sold. It makes me happy to know that I can enjoy a delicious beer while making a positive impact on the environment. It's important to support companies with good intentions for the community and Mother Earth herself.
Upon the first sip of Cerveza Patagonia, I was met with a delicious, crisp taste that left me refreshed and craving more!

Cerveza Patagonia