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Finally, A Seltzer That Is Low Carb And Delicious!

In Partnership with Bud Light Seltzer — Drink Responsibly
Her Thoughts On The Flavor
I purchased the Bud Light Seltzer Remix. I was so excited to see alcoholic seltzer available in unique flavors that wouldn't be found in another brand – especially pineapple and cranberry... delicious! Sometimes drinking the same flavors of seltzer just gets boring. It definitely has a fruity taste, but it's not too sweet. Pineapple tastes like pineapple Perrier, but there is no aftertaste. It's honestly so refreshing that I have to remind myself not to drink too many! That rarely happens with me and alcohol because I generally don't enjoy the taste of beer. I was expecting it to be a little bitter like other brands I've tried, but so far Bud Light Seltzers have exceeded my expectations.
Nicholette’s Pairing Recommendation
I plan to purchase drinks like this when I'm having people over to my home for weekly barbecues and board games. I would love to enjoy one of these in the yard when it's warm with a burger, and I think everyone else would too. It pairs well with red meat, in my opinion.
Why She'd Pass This Seltzer To A Friend
Honestly, I would get this instead of the other brands I've purchased (White Claw, Truly). The reason is, I can barely choke my way through either of those beverages due to the aftertaste and fake-tasting flavors. This was a refreshing overhaul of alcoholic seltzer. I would bring it as a BYOB to other BBQs and also Thanksgiving.
Nicholette’s Take: The Best Thing About Bud Light Seltzer
I used to be on a ketogenic diet, and I still avoid a lot of sugars, so the low carb count was surprising to me and made me happy because my regular drinks have a ton of carbs and sugar. The flavor is unbelievably sharp with no aftertaste or fake taste.

Bud Light Seltzer is the best-tasting alcoholic seltzer with the most variety in flavors.

Nicholette, NV

Bud Light Seltzer