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In Partnership with Bud Light Seltzer — Drink Responsibly

We talked to Jennifer from AL and here’s what she had to say:

Her Thoughts On The Flavor
I picked the Classic Edition 12 Pack of Bud Light Seltzer because that was the only product this store had in stock. I tried the strawberry flavor and really liked it. It tastes more like a strawberry seltzer water than a flavored beer. I was expecting a beer masked with flavor but the taste was light and refreshing.
Jennifer’s Pairing Recommendation
I would have Bud Light Seltzer at any kind of outdoor event or BBQ. You can pair any kind of food with it because Bud Light Seltzer is light and refreshing. It is not heavy and does not make you feel too full.
Why She'd Pass This Seltzer To A Friend
I think a lot of people would like Bud Light Seltzer because it has a great fruity flavor and does not taste like a beer. It tastes more like flavored seltzer water. I definitely have friends that I would recommend this to if they are not beer drinkers. I would bring Bud Light Seltzer with me to any outdoor event because it does not make you feel too full.
Jennifer’s Take: The Best Thing About Bud Light Seltzer
I love that there are four flavors in this Bud Light Seltzer pack. It only has 100 calories per can and no grams of fat. There are also natural flavors in the product and very few ingredients. The packaging is colorful and eye catching.
Bud Light Seltzer has a great flavor that is both light and refreshing.

Bud Light Seltzer