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Editor’s Take: GHIA Apéritif

“Dry January, anyone? With a handful of our team participating in a sober start to the new year, we’ve been curious about the much-buzzed about, booze-free elixir, GHIA. With earthy, bitter notes from potent plants + natural botanicals [think: gentian root extract, fig extract, and a generous dose of ginger], this apéritif is not for the faint of heart [or tastebuds]. We found it enjoyed best with a dash of hibiscus ginger beer, shaken with grapefruit juice x honey, or topped with blackberry sparkling water + lemon juice. For the mom-to-be, spirit free, or those who simply want a special way to end the night without it following you to the next morning. We’re recommending this bottle to those with a unique palate + appreciation of earthy x bitter flavors. Bonus: We’re sharing the sips we mixed up with GHIA over on Instagram. Once you're down to the last drop, take a cue from style maven, Leandra, who uses her empty bottles as beautiful water carafes. ”

GHIA Non-Alcoholic Apéritif