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Tried it and loved it

In Partnership with Chobani

We talked to Delsie from Fayetteville , NC and here’s what she had to say:

Q: Was this your first time trying Chobani Mango Drink? What did you think about it?
A:  This was my first time trying the mango drink. It was fresh and delicious. I like that it’s good for you and easy to grab and drink on the go.
Q: Which of the following original Chobani Beverage recipes would you like to try? Tropical Smoothie, Mixed Berry Acai Smoothie, or a Kale and Spinach Smoothie?
A:  I would love to try the tropical smoothie. I love a mix of fruits so I think it would taste great.
Q: Chobani Mango Drink is non-GMO, gluten free, Kosher and vegetarian friendly. Do you try to choose a healthy drink option when you’re able?
A:  If at all possible I try to pick a healthy option and I would say these are deff it.
Q: Chobani is committed to creating universal wellness, by ensuring the comfort of cows on dairy farms and working toward responsible manufacturing practices. How do you feel about their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint?
A:  I think that’s awesome. Doing that is truly helping the community it’s in. If every company did so we would be in a lot better shape. Keep it up!
Q: Last year, Chobani donated over 3 million cups of yogurt + volunteered 3,840 hours collectively. How do you feel about their dedication to bettering communities?
A:  I think that’s amazing. Helping out is always a plus in a company and there is always those in need.
Q: What yummy summer recipe would you chose to incorporate Chobani Mango Drink with?
A:  I would incorporate it in smoothies. It would make an awesome healthy base to a smoothie.
quote markChobani is not only a great tasting product it’s a great company!

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Chobani Mango Drink

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