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Smoothie's Got Real Fruit

In Partnership with Fruitlove

We talked to Doris from FL and here’s what she had to say:

Doris On The Flavor Of Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothies...
All the flavors are really good. I tried the four of them and my favorite one was the Strawberry Banana Twirl. My second favorite was the Harvest Berry Blend.
How Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothies Simplify Eating Right
The nutritional benefits are great! It makes for a great snack and very convenient because I can drink it and use the spoon to finish them or to eat them with the spoon.
The Smoothie Doris Will Try Next…
I was able to try all the flavors and their individual mix is really good! I would want to get again the Strawberry Banana Twirl because I love those two fruits.
Her Favorite Thing About Fruitlove
For a smoothie, the packaging was unconventional. When you think of a smoothie you think of a bottle, however having the convenience to have it in a yogurt-like packaging makes it a multi-purpose snack.
The real fruit taste of the Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothie Bowl is amazing!

Fruitlove Spoonable Smoothies

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