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The Power Of Protein!

In Partnership with Smithfield Foods

We talked to Maria cecilia from FL and here’s what she had to say:

How did you like the flavor of these bites?
I picked the Meat Lovers because I really love bacon and sausage. The flavor didn't disappoint – it's smoky and delicious.
Your thoughts on the convenience factor?
Super easy to prepare – 45 seconds in the microwave and then stand for 1 minute. You end up with these protein bites that are full of flavor and so convenient. You can bring them with you anywhere! No fork needed!
Which flavor of Smithfield Power Bites would you try next?
I would like to try the Homestyle next to see how it compares to the Meat Lovers. I honestly can't imagine anything better but I am willing to try!
Your favorite thing about this on-the-go meal?
The flavor is amazing, but it's also super convenient to have a savory, high-protein breakfast on the go. It's exactly what I need in the morning and it keeps me going until lunch time!
Smithfield Power Bites are a complete breakfast on the go.

Smithfield Power Bites