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Perfect Balance Without Grains!

In Partnership with Kashi Co

We talked to Candice from NV and here’s what she had to say:

What She Thought Of Kashi Grain Free Granola Bars
I bought Peanut Butter Chocolate, one of my favorite combos, and I think these Kashi Grain Free Bars have a perfect balance of flavors and they're not overly sweet. These have a fantastic texture, just the right amount of chewiness and not at all dry or crumbly like many other nutrition bars that we've tried. We'll definitely keep these handy for hiking trips and when we're on the go!
Candice On The Wholesome Ingredients
I love that they don't have too much sugar like other bars and we like to avoid grains when possible. They also have a great amount of protein compared to others!
Why She’d Take These Bars On The Go
They have a good balance of nutrition to keep us fueled while hiking and when out and about. I think they'd also be great for breakfast while commuting.
The Kashi Product Candice Would Grab Next
I'd like to try the coconut flavor Kashi Grain Free Bars. We love coconut!
Kashi Grain Free Bars are delicious and nutritious for on the go!

Kashi Grain Free Granola Bars