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Nice Little Kick of Fresh

In Partnership with My Brother's Salsa

We talked to Felicia from PA and here’s what she had to say:

Felicia’s Thoughts On The Flavor Of My Brother’s Salsa
I got the Farmstand My Brother's Salsa and was not disappointed. It was a little spicier then I thought it would be, in just the right way. I would say the spice level is about a medium in comparison to other jarred salsa and that's where the comparison ends. I used to live in Arizona and anyone in the southwest can tell you that this tastes authentic. Not too thick.
Her Take On The All-Natural Ingredients
Okay, you have to check out the ingredient list. So easy to pronounce, because it's all stuff that can be grown in a garden. Perfect. I feel so good giving this to my family.
What Felicia Would Make With My Brother’s Salsa
We made black bean and corn stuffed enchiladas topped with the Farmstand My Brother's Salsa and Monterrey Jack cheese. It's one of our fave go to meatless meals. Can of black beans, some fresh or frozen corn, a little shredded cheese topped with salsa and more cheese, a pouch of Spanish rice and dinner prep is about 5 minutes, great for when the kids have soccer practice and we get home late.
Why she Would Serve It
A quick and easy weekday dinner. We always do meatless Mondays plus one other day out of the week. With the fresh flavor of My Brother's Salsa, it really makes a difference.
My Brother's Salsa is delicious and authentic salsa.

My Brother's Salsa