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My Brother's Salas Above All Others in Taste

In Partnership with My Brother's Salsa

We talked to Donna from LA and here’s what she had to say:

Donna’s Thoughts On The Flavor Of My Brother’s Salsa
I choose the Farm Stand. I enjoyed the thickness and flavor of the salsa. I prefer a salsa with a little body so you can really get a good taste. I tasted the tomato and jalapeno peppers. The heat was at a good level. Just enough heat that allowed you to continue to eat.
Her Take On The All-Natural Ingredients
The ingredients sounded like a good mix of flavors complementing each other. I rarely buy salsa because it's usually too thin, but this one had somebody which made a good bite.
What Donna Would Make With My Brother’s Salsa
I would make Chicken Tamale Pie. It would turn a snack-type food into the main meal. The salsa is ready to go with all the ingredients included.
Why she Would Serve It
It would make a good main meal for the family. Everyone would be satisfied.
My Brother's Salsa is full-bodied and tasty.

My Brother's Salsa