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Deli Fresh For The Win!

In Partnership with Deli Fresh

We talked to Celeste from CA and here’s what she had to say:

4 Ways Celeste Uses Deli Fresh in the Kitchen...
The main way I use deli meat is to make sandwiches but I also like to use it in wraps. I also use deli meat to make easy h'or d'oeuvres like turkey deli meat and cheese. Another favorite way to use deli meat is by itself, just take a slice and pop it in my mouth.
... How she Makes her Favorite
My favorite way to use deli meat is in sandwiches. I take two fresh pieces of bread, add mayonnaise and mustard, a slice of cheese, romaine lettuce and tomato and of course... the deli meat! I would recommend it to others because it's easy to make and tasty.
Celeste's Thoughts on Deli Fresh Cold Cuts
I purchased the Deli Fresh smoked turkey. I like that it has no artificial preservatives, no nitrates, or added hormones. Most of all I liked the taste.
The Next Thing she’d Like To Make
I would like to try the Cheesy Ham Omelette. I love omelettes and I think Deli Fresh deli meat would go well with an omelette. I would make it with my daughter because she loves to cook and try different recipes.
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh is the perfect sandwich meat.

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh