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Tasty Salad Topping

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We talked to Laura from FL and here’s what she had to say:
Tell us what you made with your cheese!

I decided to make a salad and use the cheese to top my salad. I was wanting the shredded blend for pizzas but the store did not have that flavor. I really enjoy a little shredded cheese on my salads so I’m hoping this blend is tasty.
What two or three recipes would you like to use this cheese in?

I could see this being good for omelettes like it says on the package. I also think it would be nice in any dish with chicken. Maybe a casserole with broccoli and chicken.
KRAFT® Expertly Paired™ cheeses are better together. What are some of your favorite things to do together with your friends + family?

I enjoy going to the beach with my family, doing things outdoors, and doing art projects with my daughter.
I enjoyed trying the KRAFT Expertly Paired cheese. I would like to try the pizza blend.
KRAFT® Product

KRAFT® Expertly Paired™ Shredded Cheese

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