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Oui, Delicious!

In Partnership with Oui By Yoplait‎®

We talked to Nina from TX about Oui By Yoplait and here’s what she had to say:

Your thoughts on dairy-free?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE dairy-free options. It's hard to find a yogurt that is not soy- or almond-milk based, as I find them to be runny, and I am allergic to soy. I think this one is amazing and delicious.
What’s your take on this non-dairy, french style yogurt?
It has vanilla cream, a subtle taste of vanilla without it being overpowering and overloaded with sugar. Unlike other yogurts that taste very, very sweet.
Why would you reach for Oui again?
Since this flavor is so amazing, I would love to try the Raspberry. I think adding blueberries on top would be the perfect summer and spring light snack or dessert. The creamy texture was almost soft, like silk.
Are you planning to repurpose the glass pot?
I'd use it for chia seed pudding!
Oui has the creamy, subtle taste of sweet vanilla.

Oui By Yoplait‎