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A Sweet Alternative

In Partnership with Oui By Yoplait‎®

We talked to Jennie from CA about Oui By Yoplait and here’s what she had to say:

Your thoughts on dairy-free?
My take on the benefits of dairy-free is that many people are, or can become, lactose intolerant and consuming less dairy can help with digestion. I've tried other dairy-free products before, such as milk alternatives (almond, oat and coconut milk) and am excited to try Non-Dairy Oui By Yoplait to see how it compares to the dairy versions in taste.
What’s your take on this non-dairy, french style yogurt?
I picked the Mango Non-Dairy Oui By Yoplait and really enjoyed it! Although it's not as creamy as the dairy version, I actually preferred the lightness in texture and the mango bits in the bottom half. It has a slight coconut flavor to it that was mild, but enjoyable. I also find it really important that the yogurt contains no artificial flavors and includes the benefit of yogurt cultures.
Why would you reach for Oui again?
My favorite thing about the yogurt I tried today was the mango flavor that included bits of mango pieces in the bottom. The yogurt was light enough to feel healthy but delicious enough to feel like it was a decadent treat. A healthier alternative for a dessert or to satisfy a sweet tooth craving, and I definitely plan on trying out other flavors to see which one I enjoy the most!
Are you planning to repurpose the glass pot?
I would repurpose my Oui By Yoplait glass jar by using it as a little holder for small objects like paper clips, hair ties, little erasers, etc. I could also use it as a little planter, like putting in a little succulent. I love products that I can repurpose because it's a great way to recycle and help the environment while trying to be creative and crafty and use it for another purpose.
With the Dairy-Free Oui By Yoplait, I love that it has quality ingredients and lightness in texture while tasting like a decadent treat!

Oui By Yoplait‎