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Quick And Easy Breakfast For People On The Go

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We talked to Harriett from MD and here’s what she had to say:

Harriett’s Favorite Thing About Just Crack an Egg
I want to become a published author, lose weight, and read one novel per month. These are things that would fill me with purpose because they are things that I have always dreamed of accomplishing and I feel that by me doing this, it will help others to want to reach their goals.
Harriett on Eating Healthy with Just Crack an Egg
I love bacon and sausage because they make anything taste good. I tried sausage and bacon. It's convenient and fast. Just crack an egg, empty the packets, and pop it in the microwave. It's great for an on the go mom.
Her New Year’s Resolution
It makes healthy eating easier because I don't have to worry about preparing breakfast. All I need is an egg. It's just the right amount of food to help me survive until lunch.
How Harriett Will Enjoy her Next Just Crack an Egg
I love paprika and pepper. Maybe a little garlic and onion powder. I love lots of flavor.
Just Crack an Egg is so quick and easy, a kid can even do it.

Just Crack An Egg