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Simple yet amazing!

In Partnership with Happy Egg Co.

Happy Egg Carton opened and Fried Egg, Bacon and Toast in Cast iron skillet
Happy Egg Hen

We talked to Amy from Kodak, TN and here’s what she had to say:

Q: How did you prepare your Happy Eggs?
A:  I used salt pepper butter be a splash of heavy cream. I simply mixed all ingredients in a bowl and cooked until soft and fluffy.
Q: What was your first impression of the packaging?
A:  It is definitely unique and eye catching. This package looks very modern and the benefits are clearly visible on the front of the box.
Q: What do you think about Happy Egg’s commitment to providing environmentally-friendly eggs?
A:  I love that! Happy hens make better eggs so I’m told. It’s clearly presented on the package. It indicates that these eggs are of the highest quality.
Q: Which Happy Egg Original Recipe would you like to try? (All Happy Egg Recipes can be found at )
A:  I would love the panzanella salad because it’s a classic in Italy and it’s tasty and filling but it’s not for those with a fear of gluten. Good thing I have no issues with the stuff! 😁
quote markI love these eggs. I feel good about feeding them to my family and they are delicious even when simply prepared.

Happy Egg Free Range 12ct package

Happy Egg Free Range Eggs 12ct

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