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Hearty, healthy, happy eggs!

In Partnership with Happy Egg Co.

We talked to Beka from Las Vegas, NV and here’s what she had to say:


Which Happy Egg Original Recipe would you like to try? (All Happy Egg Recipes can be found HERE on their website).

A:  Wow! I would love to try the heirloom Panzanella salad and the Italian fried egg + portabella burgers recipes! Both of those sound very tasty to me and my favorite types of vegetables. I am also a pescatarian (I eat fish) so I have to get creative with cooking dishes. I usually have eggs for breakfast or cooking a specific recipe.
Q: What do you think about Happy Egg’s commitment to providing environmentally-friendly eggs?
A:  I think that makes for healthy, happy hens which produces a better quality and healthy product! Those hens are living the life! 😉
Q: How did you prepare your Happy Eggs?
A:  I was really hungry by time I returned home and made breakfast for lunch! I made sunny side up eggs with toast! Simple yet effective!
Q: Did the packaging stand out to you?
A:  Yes, it was easy. The product was at eye level and the packaging helped stand out for me to know I have the selected Happy Egg brand.
Q: What’s a go-to recipe for you that requires eggs?
A:  Omelets! Egg sandwiches, burritos. I’m always cooking something! If the recipe calls for eggs like baked items (biscuits) or sweets then I use eggs. OR- if I need to use eggs if I am breading foods for dinner like onion rings for example.
Q: What do you think of Happy Egg’s partnership with their farmers?
A:  I think it’s a positive to keep the community involved in this way! It keeps for positive partnerships and a commitment to quality.
quote markHealthy, tasty, happy eggs! I can actually taste the difference!

Happy Egg Free Range 12ct package

Happy Egg Free Range Eggs 12ct

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