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Healthier “Happier” Chickens = Better Meals

In Partnership with Happy Egg Co.

Happy Egg Hen
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We talked to Kimberly from Palm Beach Gardens, FL and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What’s a go-to recipe for you that requires eggs?
A:  Breakfast crepes, pancakes, homemade buttermilk waffles, and special gourmet scrambled eggs; secret recipie.
Q: What was your first impression of the packaging?
A:  I think it’s cute, but would wonder if there is actual scientific research or studies that have been performed to support said notion. Although nothing is impossible, it might be a good idea for the time being (for company) to provide a little evidence in support of this. Whereby, posting and providing (if not via live web cam video streaming) pics of all alleged “happy chickens” – dancing around in cages and or designated areas; making certain to show off all the big huge smiles on their faces all day long, in addition to all extra curricular activities the chickens participate in on daily basis to qualify as getting and receiving “lots of extra attention”, etc. Possibly even place pic(s) of smiling “happy chickens” on outside product packaging and or all marketing materials in representation of this “brand new” concept.
Q: Did the packaging stand out to you?
A:  Yes, but only because I had studied the provided photo before entering store, so this would not present a challenge.
Q: Which Happy Egg Original Recipe would you like to try? (All Happy Egg Recipes can be found at )
A:  Yummy !! It was definitely the Italian fried egg and Portobello burgers that immediately caught my attention. My family and I are huge burger lovers.
Q: What do you think about Happy Egg’s commitment to providing environmentally-friendly eggs?
A:  I’m all for it 100%. I think it’s a wonderful and fantastic idea. Most especially, as this will certainly yield a whole lot less bacteria and chicken feces, etc and all other similar and related problems going on at present (in other caged chicken farms), etc.
Q: How did you prepare your Happy Eggs?
A:  Scramble sufficient quantity of eggs in medium mixing bowl, then add secret ingredient; (original flavor coffee mate powder), and continue mixing until well blended into eggs. Cook and prepare as you would normal scrambled eggs.
quote markRequest to see “happy chickens” with big huge smiles across their faces, playing tag in the fields, or running around dancing, etc. ‼️👍

Happy Egg Free Range 12ct package

Happy Egg Free Range Eggs 12ct

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