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Happy Egg Co, happy customers and chickens!

In Partnership with Happy Egg Co.

Happy Egg Hen

We talked to Liz from Boca Raton, FL and here’s what she had to say:

Q: Which Happy Egg Original Recipe would you like to try? (All Happy Egg Recipes can be found at )
A:  Would love to try the fried egg and portabella burgers because they sound amazing and loaded with flavor. Excellent for protein and vitamins, as well. Sounds very unique and yummy… definitely new and different.
Q: What was your first impression of the packaging?
A:  The packaging is yellow and happy and really grabs your attention. Love that they are brown organic eggs and packed in an environment friendly carton.
Q: How did you prepare your Happy Eggs?
A:  I prepared them over medium in some olive oil with a little sea salt. I had to do something quick to prepare them before time ran out on the project.
Q: What do you think about Happy Egg’s commitment to providing environmentally-friendly eggs?
A:  I love it and they really share my values and commitment to humanely raises chickens that can also roam cage free. They are also not fed hormones or pesticides, so I can feel good about spending the extra money on this product.
quote markHappy Egg Company is my new best friend and thanks for letting these free range chickens live a great life outdoors!

Thank you for your time, Liz! We love your feedback

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Happy Egg Free Range 12ct package

Happy Egg Free Range Eggs 12ct

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