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Great eggs make breakfast better.

In Partnership with Happy Egg Co.

fried egg on avocado toast and waffles

We talked to Rose from Eugene, OR and here’s what she had to say:


Which Happy Egg Original Recipe would you like to try? (All Happy Egg Recipes can be found HERE on their website).

A:  I would love to try the huevos rancheros. My family makes huevos rancheros and I have always loved it. Trying a new twist on a family favorite could be fun for a family brunch.
Q: What do you think about Happy Egg’s commitment to providing environmentally-friendly eggs?
A:  When animals are raised outside of caged pens, they feel better and therefore give you better quality eggs.
Q: How did you prepare your Happy Eggs?
A:  I buttered my little frying pan and turned the heat on low. The key to making the perfect scrambled eggs is low and slow. I scrambled up 2 eggs, in a bowl, and added salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Simple is better. Then, I added then to the pan. I moved them around the pan until they were barely cooked. When you take them off the heat, there will be some carry over cooking. I put them on a plate and serve then with a side of buttered toast.
Q: Did the packaging stand out to you?
A:  The product was very easy to find on the shelf. The color of the container caught my eye right away.
Q: What’s a go-to recipe for you that requires eggs?
A:  I usually bake a lot of cookies and use eggs all the time. I also use them in for making donuts.
Q: What do you think of Happy Egg’s partnership with their farmers?
A:  I like that the company is involved with the farmers that they are getting their product from.
quote markThe eggs are high quality and make me want to use them more often.

Thank you for your time, Rose! We love your feedback

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