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Spreadable Love

In Partnership with Cracker Barrel

We talked to Melanie from OH and here’s what she had to say:

Melanie's Take On The Flavor
I purchased the Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar Spreadable Cheese, and I find it unique as its wide lid packaging makes it easier to dunk chips into the cheese versus traditional smaller/taller containers. I like the smooth texture of the cheese and the ability to spread the cheese easily even at cool/cold temperature.
What Makes This Spreadable Cheese A Must When Hosting
I like that it is an affordable, delicious, and easily portable snack to bring to gatherings. I could easily share one container with multiple people and feel full.
Her Suggestion For The Perfect Pairing...
I would pair this cheese with Triscuits, or other thick wafer-like crackers. I think others would enjoy it with apples or vegetables.
Why Melanie Recommends Cracker Barrel Cheese Spreads
I would recommend this product to anyone on a limited budget would wants to bring a delicious snack to a gathering. I would tell my friends to try this product or the White Cheddar flavor.
If you are looking for an affordable and tasty treat, Cracker Barrel Spreadable Cheese is the snack to pack!

Cracker Barrel Spreadable Cheese