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More Cheese Please

In Partnership with Cracker Barrel

We talked to Kristen from KY and here’s what she had to say:

Kristen's Take On The Flavor
I really enjoyed the flavor of the Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar Spreadable Cheese. It was very rich and very smooth. I really like the texture and the taste.
What Makes This Spreadable Cheese A Must When Hosting
I think Cracker Barrel Spreadable Cheese would be great for hosting a party. All you need is some crackers and you're good to go.
Her Suggestion For The Perfect Pairing...
I bought some cocktail crackers to go with the Cracker Barrel Spreadable Cheese. I think it would also be good on regular saltine crackers. I think others would really enjoy the taste.
Why Kristen Recommends Cracker Barrel Cheese Spreads
My favorite thing about the Cracker Barrel Spreadable Cheese is the taste and texture. I will tell my friends that this is a very high-quality product and they should buy it. It is very good.
My favorite new product from Cracker Barrel is the Spreadable Cheese.

Cracker Barrel Spreadable Cheese