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Who Needs New York When You've Got a York Dessert

In Partnership with York

We talked to Jean from TX and here’s what she had to say:

Jean’s Take: Why Choose York
The first memory that sprang to my mind was this commercial years ago about an old man who bit into a peppermint patty and said "I'm just glad I can get a sensation" and it made me laugh so hard every time I saw it. Other than that the peppermint patties and the mini, as well as the extra large ones,​ are all I've ever had. These two products are so amazing that I was blown away and not sure if I'll even tell anyone else that I made them. I won't share.
Her Thoughts On The Flavor
I tried both the pudding and the dessert bites. The flavor, the texture of the bites were like biting into a slice of heaven. The flavor was spot on! Fan-freakin'-nominal. As a kid I used to put a peppermint patty on top of a Reese's peanut butter cup like a sandwich oh my God, I had to go back to the store and get one and dip it in the pudding. Now that gave me chills.
What she Thought Of The Prep
It did not take very long to make either one. To keep the mess down I poked holes in a paper plate where the heaters go and it makes cleanup a breeze. I was a bit overwhelmed when I first started but it was easy and pretty fun. I mean who needs New York, stay at home and eat a York instead.
Why Jean Picks York For The Holidays
Why would I make York desserts for the holidays? 1. Who doesn't love a York and 2. Holy cow it's a York, eat some and feel like you're in New York. The taste gives me a sensation like no other. Wow,​ let's take a trip to NY in the kitchen.
Holy cow it's a York dessert that's inexpensive.

York No Bake Dessert Bites + Pudding