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A Peppermint Christmas

In Partnership with York

We talked to Shannon from VA and here’s what she had to say:

Shannon’s Take: Why Choose York
York Peppermint Patties remind me of Christmas. The cool reminds me of winter and the chocolate hot cocoa by the fire. I love the combination and every time I eat one I have very fond memories of favorite Christmas past.
Her Thoughts On The Flavor
The York Peppermint No Bake dessert was easy to make and tasted delicious. I made it in a pie dish and it came out in slices that were perfect to serve as an after-dinner​ surprise. The York Peppermint Pudding also was made in one dish and served after it chilled. They were both super yummy and brought back those fond memories of Christmas.
What she Thought Of The Prep
The York Peppermint Pudding was the easiest and made just like other puddings. This could definitely be used with some of my other recipes to jazz them up. The York Peppermint No Bake Dessert was easy. The only problem I had was the fudge was solid and I had a hard time getting rid of the lumps. It was still very tasty and it worked out.
Why Shannon Picks York For The Holidays
I have always loved peppermint and chocolate. They are one of my favorite combinations. These two easy prep York Desserts have opened up a chance for me to serve something new and yummy for Christmas. I even have a thought of giving them as gifts because they are so easy and delicious. My older kids would love them.
York Peppermint Desserts are new and delicious way to bring Christmas into the home.

York No Bake Dessert Bites + Pudding