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Quick Chocolate Fix

In Partnership with Betty Crocker

We talked to Tracy from VA and here’s what she had to say:

Why were you excited to try this dessert?
I love trying new products, especially anything containing chocolate. I choose the brownie brittle because I felt more members of my family would like it.
Share your take on the convenience…
The brittle mix was very easy to make. I loved how you only needed one additional ingredient on hand.
The best part about baking with Betty Crocker Brittle Mix?
My favorite thing about the Betty Crocker Brittle Mix was that it only needed one additional ingredient. This makes it more likely that I will have everything needed when having to make a dessert.
Why would you recommend this product to a friend?
I would recommend the Betty Crocker Brittle Mix to friends who are chocoholics. Although the edges were crispy as brittle should be, some of my middle pieces were gooey. To be honest, my kids enjoyed the gooey pieces the best.
Betty Crocker Brittle Mix is a quick and easy dessert!

Betty Crocker Brittle Mix