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Attn Mom: This is The Lunch Meat You Should Be Buying

I grew up the youngest of four kids—and we went through a lot of food. Not to mention the fact that we each always had a slew of friends coming through our house, raiding my parent’s refrigerator. But somehow, the fridge and pantry were always stocked and ready for the armies of pre-teens coming through post-soccer practice. There was always breakfast available before we left the house, dinner on the table at night, and there was always a lunch packed for each of us to grab off the counter before we left for school.

At the time, I thought there was a genie that came and did all of this while I was asleep. Now I know the truth: That my mom was (and is) basically superwoman. That, and she was a smart shopper—she bought in bulk and sought out good deals, but never sacrificed taste or quality.

Don’t get me wrong—not every meal was made from scratch. In fact, most weren’t, because my mom knew that there are REAL products that exist at Walmart that make it incredibly easy and cost effective to feed your kids (and their friends) well. News flash, people: Bulk doesn’t mean bad quality.

Hillshire Farm® Farm Classics® deli meat is the perfect example of this. The bags come complete with 1 pound of deli meat, and it doesn’t have that weird rubbery texture that their competitors have—you know, where it tastes like you’re biting through a balloon? Yeah. Gross.

Did I mention the whole, 1-pound-of-meat thing? For under $4, you can get an entire pound of Oven Roasted Ham, Hickory Smoked Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey, or Honey Ham—the last being my personal favorite. That means fewer trips to the grocery store, and fewer times you’ll hear, “Mom, we’re out of lunch meat!!” 

Hillshire Farm® Farm Classics® lunch meat is slow roasted for hours and hours before it’s double-sealed…hence why it actually tastes fresh. Next time you’re at Walmart buying lunch meat for you and your family, make Farm Classics® your go-to. Your kids (and their friends….and your wallet) will thank you.