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An Open Love Letter to Allegro Coffee

Dear Allegro Blue Nile Blend with a dash of Almond Milk,

I know we have only recently become close, because I neglected the possibility of our relationship due to my rather intimate and toxic relationship with our frenemy, Splenda. I know that my past has not warranted your love, but I am admitting to you now that I, quite frankly, cannot live without you.

My life would be a river of tears without you, my sweet Blue Nile, and I don’t think you would be quite the same without me either. I dedicate myself to you wholly, with my weekly trips to Whole Foods to come get you and my dedication to preparing you at the same time every morning at 5:00 am.

Without you, my mornings would be lethargic and filled with unwarranted road rage towards old ladies. I appreciate your ability to mold my ADHD brain into something that actually functions (mostly). Oh, and our ability to be compatible at any time (even 2:00 am) and any place (yes I am talking about that time I brought you to that one place. Sorry about that). 

With these final words, I pledge my heart and taste buds to your every wish and whim, so long as you never change your delicious taste and broke-girl affordability.

With all of mine and my mug’s love,