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7 Walmart Neighborhood Market Hacks to Save you Money

We interviewed 5 Walmart Deli Managers to find out the best ways to save you money the next time you go on a shopping trip.

Pro Tip: The Supercenter and Walmart Neighborhood Market have different protocol in their Delis, so when looking for the best deals in this section, go to the market — as confirmed by store managers.

Less go! [see what I did there?]

Half-Price Rotisserie Chicken

If Walmart Neighborhood Markets do not sell Rotisserie Chicken within an allotted time, they’ll cool it down and mark it half price. It will still stay good in your fridge for several days and is great for soups and casseroles! The total will end up being around $2.50! You save so much time and money, by not buying and cooking your own chicken.

Some Neighborhood Markets wait until the end of the day to mark them down, so from 8 pm – 12 am, you can go in and grab one.

Just call your local store, ask for the deli and find out what their standard procedure is — so worth it!

Half-Price Deli Lunchmeat

Many [not all – so call and see what your local store does] will slice up meat throughout the day and at the end of the night if it’s 1LB or less they’ll mark it half-off. They carve out a section in the cold case close to the deli where they’ll place the different meats in Ziploc bags all ready to go! Like little hidden treasures!

The pro is it’s fresh deli meat at a great price the con is it doesn’t stay good in your fridge for near as long as packaged deli meat. So, if you’re looking for something to last long or your Neighborhood Market doesn’t partake, I’d recommend Hillshire Farm Farm Classics Deli Meat.

You get the most bang for your buck and the quality for the price is fantastic! [Bonus: Check out this video on how to make the most adorable little owl using deli meat]!

Half-Price Deli Salads and Sandwiches

Y’all! The deli makes the best sandwiches and salads! And at 2 pm every day they mark them half off, these are great to either pick up for dinner or bring in for lunch the next day! Half-Price dinner/lunch? Yes, please! You can’t go wrong!

Half-Price Bakery Goods

I’ve always been impressed with the people who are able to give up carbs, impressed/confused is probably more accurate.

Our family could live on bread and cheese. So, we hit up the bakery section often at our local Neighborhood Market, anything that they haven’t sold by the “Sell by Date,” they’ll mark down.

So you can eat your baguette and peanut butter cookies guilt-free!

End Caps

Alright friends, we don’t ever talk about Walmart end-caps [Target doesn’t have to get all the love on this subject]. Bonus: this is something you can enjoy at both the Supercenter and the Neighborhood Market! I’ve found the best deals on their end caps from shampoo, to lotion, to nail polish, lip gloss and sunscreen. Their home section at the Supercenter will often have great finds too!

Price Match

Unlike my mother years ago, I do not have time to coupon. I thought I was going to do it once, got a binder and everything to organize them in, that lasted all of 2 seconds. Honestly, though, with Walmart I don’t really need to coupon! I just need to know what deals are going on at other local stores and they’ll match the price. That’s right, just show it to them at the register and they’ll change it right then and there. Boom.

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Last, this little hack is a game changer for my budget. You can read more about it HERE and you can pick-up at either a Supercenter or a Neighborhood Market in your area.

So, Now That You’re Rich…

What are you going to do with all that money you’ve saved?

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