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10 Delicious Ways to Dress Up Your Ball Park Franks

When I hear the words Ball Park® Franks, I instantly picture a perfectly-grilled Frank sitting in a bun, topped with some mustard, ketchup and maybe some relish. While there’s nothing wrong with this tried-and-true combo, I wanted to see if there were any groundbreaking ideas out there for ways to dress up your franks. As it turns out, there are some great ideas out there featuring Ball Park® Franks, and I’m itching to try them all this summer.

First, head to Sam’s Club to pick up your ingredients, and follow these recipes for a delicious cookout experience! I personally recommend grabbing the Ball Park® U.S.D.A. Prime Beef Franks while you’re at Sam’s Club to use for each of these—you won’t regret it.

Mac n’ Cheese Dog

As a lover of all things cheese, this one has me drooling. All you need is your Ball Park® Frank, some Mac n’ Cheese, and some bread crumbs. Mmm.

The Nacho Average Dog

Mexican Food meets Cookout Food? Yes, please! You could mix this recipe up in so many ways depending on your personal taste!

The Pizza Dog

I never would’ve thought to put these ingredients together, but I do know that I would have loved this recipe as a kid! Ball Park® Frank + marinara + mozzarella + fresh basil = The Pizza Dog!

The Chicago Dog

Another classic recipe that people don’t think they can make in their own backyard? The Chicago-style dog! Put out all of the ingredients at your next cookout so guests can build their franks as they please!

The Double Down Dog

This one is so simple, I’m almost mad that I haven’t tried it already! Any excuse to eat bacon is a good excuse in my book.

The Cheese Coney Dog

This is one I make every once in a while, but not often enough—it screams comfort food!

Green Apple Honey Dog

This one is practically the gourmet version of a hot dog. Head to Sam’s Club to pick up your ingredients (so you can save a little $$):

Grill your franks until golden brown (which usually takes about 7 to 10 minutes!). Throw your buns on the grill to toast them for a couple of minutes, too. Thinly slice up your green apple and cut the cheddar cheese into small pieces. Build your Green Apple Honey Dog by lining the apple slices along the buns. Then, top it with honey and mustard!

The Arizona Sonoran Dog

Honestly, the name of this recipe is half the fun! The other half? You get to eat a frank wrapped in bacon. Here’s what you’ll need:

Wrap your franks in bacon, and grill them like you normally would. Place them in their buns, and top with the remaining ingredients as you’d like! Simple and seriously delicious.

The Atlanta Dog

This is one you can easily make with items you’d likely already have at your cookout:

It’s as easy as you’d think! Top your frank with coleslaw, and spicy mustard!

Spicy Bacon & Cheddar Links

For this one, you’ll want to use Hillshire Farm® Bold & Hearty Bacon & Cheddar Links (because I mean, why wouldn’t you want some bacon and cheese in the mix?) Then, grab the rest of your ingredients:

Spray or oil your outdoor grill with cooking oil and preheat over high heat about (450-500°F). Heat the links until golden brown on all sides, which will take around 7-10 minutes. Toast the rolls on the grill just until golden. Place jalapeños on a piece of foil directly onto a hot spot on the grill, this will help the peppers from falling through the grates. Also, place the onion rings directly onto the grill and cook for 5-8 minutes or until charring begins, dice small. Build by applying sauerkraut to bun, followed by a link and topped with onions, jalapeños, and mustard.