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Coffee’s New Frontier

“As kids in the 90s, who didn't dream of going to Space Camp or working for NASA. As adults, with jobs secured down here on earth, we rely on our morning brew for our best ideas to lift off. We recently discovered a new frontier in coffee – Cometeer. They figured out a way to produce the perfect cup of coffee by extracting its brightest components to freeze at their peak [essentially coffee scientists]. They've partnered with the best roasters [including our friends at Onyx!], so when it gets to us — in little frozen cubes – all we have to do is: melt the capsule + either pour over ice or add hot water. Either way, it's a more sustainable option with no coffee grounds to dispose of, a fully recyclable capsule, and less food waste. Making the switch to Cometeer is like one small step for us; one giant leap for mankind. ”

Cometeer Mixed Box