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Ranch with a Twist

“Ranch Dressing. You know it, love it, and it just leveled up. If a road trip to St. Louis for a stop at the Twisted Ranch restaurant isn’t in your near future, don’t fret - they’ve bottled up some of their most inventive flavor combinations and made them available across the country. The five mouthwatering fusions are Mango Spiked Habanero, Honey Dipped Wasabi, Garlic Blasted Buffalo, Bacon Wrapped Mac, and Black Peppered Parmesan. Each blend puts a savory twist on a household staple - ideal for spicing up a salad, or keeping on the table at a cookout. Because what can't you do with a good bottle of ranch, right? Our Reco: Top a hot dog with Black Peppered Parmesan - you won’t regret it. ”

Black Pepper Parmesan Ranch Dressing