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That Booty Tho

“Squats, lunges, deadlifts. We work hard on our booties. And yet we all have those things that we feel less than confident about – like cellulite + stretch marks. Confidence comes from acceptance. We love + accept our bodies as they are, stretch marks + all, but we also love products that help us out a little, here + there. Anese has got our back[sides] with an entire line of Booty Care products that keep it real. Rich in antioxidants + fatty acids, That Booty Tho is a super fine scrub that works up a creamy lather when wet + targets stretch marks, cellulite + acne. A little goes a long way for softer, smoother + firmer skin in just one jar. We want to try the Down with the Thickness collagen booty mask next.  ”

Anese Booty Scrub