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The Glow Up

“This thick, ultra-rich, plant-based cream was first brought to my attention by the glowiest woman on Instagram, makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. In Hughes’ toolkit, the secret to her trademark dew, is Weleda’s Skin Food. In a perfect world, we would be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water and getting eight hours of sleep, but this product gives us the appearance of our healthiest, most rested, most hydrated selves. Made of oils, chamomile and beeswax, I feel good about feeding it to my skin, and it has a delicious citrusy scent. Pro Tip: When applied with the tiniest amount to the cheekbones or the tip of the nose, it works as a highlighter. In the winter, slather it on at night to keep dry, chapped skin at bay. ”

Weleda Skin Food, Travel Size