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The Beauty Do’s & Don’ts You Actually Need to Know

It might be the new year but it’s still the middle of winter and sometimes you just want to stay curled up in bed, makeup-free, pajamas on, with a warm coffee or tea in hand and hibernate until the spring. It’s tempting, I know. But we all have obligations to attend to and people to see. (Unfortunately.)

Beauty is often tucked away in the back of our minds during the coldest months of the year. Since we’re buried under five layers of clothing we think, they won’t see me anyway, why does it matter? With a new year comes a new you and that means stepping up your beauty routine.

Just as summer bodies are made in the winter, so are our beauty routines. Here is a list of beauty do’s and don’ts to keep you on track this year.

Do: Maintain your glow. 

This may be hard especially when the sun goes down earlier and we’re hidden away under layers of clothing from the cold weather. A safe way to maintain your glow is by trying your hand at self-tanners. A good and affordable option is Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun line. You’ll be able to look like a bronwuzey goddess, fresh off a tropical vacay and be the envy everyone even before the warm weather comes out of hiding.

Don’t: Use tanning beds.

You might not be a fan of waiting for that glow to appear. Tanning salons may seem like a quick and easy solution to achieving your ideal bronzey complexion but the amount of UV radiation you’ll get from such a procedure is dangerous (and costly) in the long run!

Do: Moisturize.

During the cold winters our skin tends to get a lot drier because our bodies aren’t naturally providing moisture from sweat in combination with the drier air. If you already have dry skin or eczema like I do, this tip is especially important to remember if you want your skin to be prepped for t-shirt season. Keep your skin and lips hydrated with a go-to lotion like Aveeno’s Daily Moisturising Lotion and Burt’s Bees lip balm. (My personal fave!)

Don’t: Forget the water.

I know all of the hot chocolates, teas, and ciders are all you want to be drinking when the weather is freezing you to the core but water is essential. Moisturizers and lotions will help with keeping your skin hydrated from the outside but water will help you from the inside. Remember to drink at least some of the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. (I’m guilty of this too!) Drinking water doesn’t have to be a chore, make it fun by picking up a cute water bottle. I’m currently using Ello’s glass water bottle.

Do: Stay active.

Part of maintaining that healthy glow all throughout winter is by breaking a sweat. When we want nothing more than to bundle up to stay warm, it’s important to remember that 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week will help you release built up toxins and release endorphins which will leave you feeling great. Exercising is also a great way to combat those extra pounds you may have accumulated this past holiday season and prepare yourself for the summer months this year.

Don’t: Take long, hot showers.

Some like it hot. I can’t turn down a nice, steamy shower where the water is border-line scalding. While hot showers can feel soothing on sore bodies, prolonged time under hot water can seriously dehydrate your skin. While you can still enjoy them every once in awhile, dial it down to a warm temperature instead.

Do: Change up your foundation color. 

Put away your summer complexion foundations and swap for something that does match your current skin tone. (Maybelline’s Fit Me! Line has an amazing variety of colors!) You’ll be able to use them again soon! You’re not doing a service to yourself when your face color doesn’t seem to match the rest of your body.

Don’t: Forget the SPF.

If you live in colder climates like I do and seeing the sun is a rare blessing, a high SPF sunscreen is usually the last thing on our minds, especially during the winter months. But while there’s daylight there are also UV rays coming into contact with your skin. You might not get sunburnt like you do in the summer from the rays, but prolonged exposure without some kind of sunscreen will cause damaging effects to your skin in the long run such as early signs of aging.

Make it your new year’s resolution to take care of yourself this year with these beauty tips! These simple tips will not only help you put your best self forward but they will help you maintain your beauty in the long run, beyond the new year.