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Skincare For The Seasons

With temperatures starting to drop, we are all adding layers to our wardrobes, but shouldn’t we also consider changes + additions to our skin x body care products as well? The answer is, of course, yes! Adapting your skin + body care products to the changing seasons should be a natural step that prepares your skin for changing conditions. We dress differently for each season to accommodate the weather, we buy our fruits x vegetables based on what’s “in season”, so it makes sense to evaluate + modify our beauty routines as well. If you don’t know where to start, I’ve done the dirty work for you to crack the code on the best types of skincare to use per season.



Fall: Cooler temperatures + changing leaves signal that my fall skin detox must begin. To repair sun damage from the summer season, I kick off fall with a visit to my esthetician or dermatologist for treatments that treat pigmentation x deeply exfoliate. For at home solutions, I turn to these effective products from Paula’s Choice— I use this exfoliant weekly x add retinol back into my routine. Fall is also a good time to add in a focus on hair care. I love this hydrating + cooling scalp mud mask from Fable & Mane. It acts like a facial for your scalp.



Winter: During the harshest season of the year, our skin faces cold x dry conditions both indoors + outdoors. To combat, I layer my moisturization like I do my clothes. I also try to use more natural x clean beauty products, as skin can be more sensitive during this season. For body, after showering while the skin is still damp, I apply Rowse Winter Body Oil followed by Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion to seal in hydration. For face, I also follow this two-step method by adding in a facial oil with my normal moisturizer. I recently picked up this Bubble Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturizer that leaves skin moisturized without feeling too heavy or greasy.



Spring: The beginning of spring always encourages me for a renewal of sorts. I like to use this time to start new routines + try new products. If you are looking to develop your own routine, this article has helpful tips x inspiration. This spring, I want to focus on making facial gua sha a daily habit, since consistency is key for real results. I’m planning to take this 21 day challenge from Wilding using this set— or you can make your own with this tool x facial oil.



Summer: Summer skin takes a different approach, since we tend to expose more of it in this season by wearing dresses, shorts, and of course swimwear. The first thing to remember is always apply sunscreen daily [face + body]! The days are longer, so that means you are naturally exposed to more sun. Applying all this sunscreen, can be clogging the skin as well, so it’s good to exfoliate the body x face frequently to remove dead skin + product build up. To help prevent breakouts, look for oil-free products. Soft Services has the perfect product lineup for body care to treat acne, exfoliate, and lightly hydrate. For face, I try to keep my skincare routine simple by sticking to a vitamin C serum, light moisturizer, sunscreen, and avoiding retinols until the fall.