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9 Clean Beauty Staples Worth Making The Swap

When it comes to shopping for beauty products, clean has become the standard. With consumers becoming more x more educated about what “clean” means to them, the team asked me to touch on the hot topic of clean beauty to help narrow down the key players that I not only vouch for, but think are worth the swap.

The industry has a broad definition of the term, so it’s important to understand how + why a product meets that standard. There are a few variables to consider: 

  • The formula, by not containing ingredients that are considered harmful to humans or the environment.
  • The packaging, that is recyclable itself or made from recyclable materials.
  • Sustainable practices in ingredients or the supply chain of materials.

Not to mention, brands can also do a combination of all of these. It can get confusing, so it’s important to investigate what these factors can mean x what’s important to you. EWG Skin Deep is a trusted website where you can search for products + ingredients, and understand the different levels of concern by category. I also like the Yuka app to quickly scan products while shopping. The products below meet my own personal clean standards. Browse away!

01 | Ketish The Potion

Ketish is a recently launched feminine + sexual wellness brand with a hero product that aims to reduce menstrual-associated pains. The Potion is a blend of natural oils that can be used on the abdomen, back, or anywhere to soothe x comfort your body.

02 | Saie Setting Powder

This new setting powder from Saie is a weightless + radiant loose formula that controls shine. It’s not only a great product to have in your makeup tool kit, but it’s also transparently clean. Saie does an excellent job of listing x explaining each ingredient inside. Bonus: they also highlight + partner with vintage sellers to promote sustainability in fashion.

03 | Gen See Lip + Cheek

Gen See is another newly launched brand that aims to spark joy + bring a smile to your face while using their products. The cute x colorful Clean Sheen Lip + Cheek does just that! I love the punchy shades that can be applied as a wash of color or built up to a bright pop on the lips or cheeks.

04 | Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

I’m always on the hunt for products that are easy to use + leave a no-makeup look on my skin. This Miracle Balm by Jones Road Beauty lives up to its name as a foolproof way to add a natural glow all over. I love the ‘Au Naturel’ shade, as it works across most skin tones x types, and can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks –pretty much anywhere you want a bit of illumination.

05 | Alpyn Beauty Eye Balm

A good eye cream is hard to find, and especially one that is clean. I discovered this brand on Credo not only do they make amazing products, but they are also committed to being plastic neutral. Their PlantGenius® Eye Balm feels luxurious x balmy to help nourish the under-eye area. It also has a slight shimmer to it so your skin is nicely illuminated.

06 | Ren Clean Skincare Renewal Mask

This miracle mask by Ren Clean Skincase is a staple in my skincare routine. Whenever my face is feeling a little dull, I use this Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. Just like that [snaps fingers], I wake up with glowing x silky smooth skin. The immediate results are truly noticeable. 

07 | Aveda Pure-Fume™ Mist

Deodorants can be one of those items that are tricky to make a switch. Previously, the team did a roundup to test some options. My secret is to actually use this Aveda Chakra Pure-Fume Mist in lieu of a deodorant. It’s a lightweight scent that you can spray not only under your arms, but all over your body as well. It has a mild scent that works well to layer with other fragrances.

08 | One Love Organics Cleansing Oil

I am a longtime fan of One Love Organics, and I use several of their products daily, but one of my favorites is this makeup busting Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil. It leaves your skin feeling nourished instead of stripped after cleansing. It’s also a multitasker, as you can use alone [no water] with just a cotton square to remove makeup or cleanse with a warm washcloth for a deeper cleanse + light exfoliation.

09 | Solar Recover Save Your Skin Hydrating Mist

With warmer days ahead, it may be too hot or not needed to add an oil to your moisturizer, but you can still add in extra moisture with this skin hydrating mist by Solar Recover. Their hero product, Save Your Skin, is actually used as an alternative to Aloe Vera to quench your skin after a day in the sun, but I like to use it year round before applying moisturizer. It leaves skin soft + the smell of chamomile x sandalwood is intoxicating.