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9 Beauty Product Launches To Get Excited About

When we last caught up with April Martin, we got the scoop on her experience in the beauty industry x her insights as a marketing director for a leading global supplier + innovative partner to many of the beauty brands you know x love. Based in Milan, Italy, April’s beauty experience includes global trends x tracking consumer habits, research + development, and product testing, which makes her the ideal candidate to give us the inside scoop on upcoming beauty launches x products worth watching.

On a personal level, April’s approach to products mirrors our own – it’s a way to connect with women, support small businesses + women-owned brands, as well as be more intentional about what we buy [and its impact on the planet]. Just as A9 has become your virtual bff, giving you the rundown on new x noteworthy products, April is our pen pal, writing in with her latest finds + newest additions to her beauty bag. Below, our resident beauty insider is sharing the 9 beauty product launches you should be adding to cart. . .

01 | Sparti Scents

“These colorful sticks make me think fun + fragrance. I adore the sophisticated scent profiles and that they can be layered to create my own signature combo [or paired with perfumes already on my shelf]. They are also fab to keep in your purse for a sensory pick me up when you’re on the go.”

02 | Good Light Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser

“A fresh season is always a perfect reason to try a new cleanser, and this is the one to help me find my “good light.” Transforming from a celestial gel to a foam, it leaves your skin super hydrated while also reducing skin sensitivity and inflammation. Bonus: it can also be used as a moisture mask to soothe + replenish dry skin. I love a two-for-one product.”

03 | Jones Road Oil Stick

“Transitioning from winter to spring has my skin wanting extra moisture + definitely needing a bit of glow. I am obsessed with this sheer multi-talented face oil in a portable stick format. The quartet of oils inside — apricot, jojoba, rosehip and sunflower leave behind a surge of moisture that has my skin blossoming.” 

04 | Pandiwa Likha Essential Oil Blend

“This energizing essential oil has been a staple on my desk while working, as it’s the perfect pick me up to reawaken the mind. It has a blend of citrus and spicy notes made with local ingredients from the Philippines that make it unique. I’m also tuned into their instagram content, which gives tips on rethinking your own rituals for self care x self love — commence palm inhalation technique now. It’s not shipping to the US just yet, but get their IG in queue to be the first in the loop when it drops in stateside.”

05 | Lys Beauty Speak Love Glossy Lip Treatment Oil

“I’m a person who stashes lip balms everywhere, so I was excited to add this lip oil to my lineup. It’s sheer, shiny, and leaves lips moisturized [without feeling sticky or heavy]. It’s packed with a blend of oils + vitamin E, so it truly is a treatment for lips.”

06 | Kosas Air Brow

“This clear brow gel from Kosas has me excited to shake up my brow regimen. I’ve been looking for the perfect clear formula to pair with my pencil, and I like that this one has biodegradable volumizing fibers to make brows fuller. Plus, it’s loaded with actives like hyaluronic acid that help strengthen hair. Pro tip: Apply the gel first, then fill in with a pencil. The wetness from the gel gives an easier glide and more payoff from your brow pencil.”

07 | Oui The People Hydrating Body Gloss

“After this long winter, my legs are still in hibernation mode, so I’m using this ultra hydrating body gloss to coax them out. I like to layer it with my normal body lotion to pack in the moisture, and I dig the subtle sheen that it leaves behind on skin. Plus, it’s Black + female owned.”

08 | EcoTools Bio Blender

“I’ve been trying to focus more on finding sustainable products x solutions, so I was super excited to find this 100% biodegradable makeup blender. It’s made from only 5 ingredients, and it goes into your compost [when you’re ready to discard it] where it breaks down. Not to mention, it’s right under five bucks. Good for the earth x your wallet.”

09 | Dieux Forever Eye Mask

“Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of eye masks because they always slip off, and I find that the formulas paired with them aren’t always effective. Enter, Dieux, which claims to be the last eye mask you’ll ever need. Made to holds gels, serums and creams close to the skin, these patches are reusable, working their magic of maximum absorption for up to a year. They’re the ideal solution for me because I can use them with my eye product of choice to address what I need — puffiness in the morning or moisture at night.”