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“From sun damage to acne scars, we haven’t always been kind to how we view our skin, but we’re working on it x Faded is in our corner, reminding us that truly perfect skin doesn’t exist. This brightening + clearing gel serum from Topicals gently balances x smoothes the look of stubborn marks, scars, and spots so you can let your worries fade away. Vetted x vouched for by our very own  graphic designer, @alefforge, after just one week of use, it had her feeling ‘her best self.’ Not only is this skincare brand female founded, but these young entrepreneurs are on a mission to help transform the beauty industry through positivity, inclusivity, and using their platform to advocate for mental health. It’s as if they’ve given us skincare from the gods. How to use: Apply to freshly cleaned + toned dry skin before moisturizing. Start slow, using once a week to eventually work your way up to daily use. Make sure to use sunscreen x moisturize well.  ”

Faded Serum