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Happy In My Skin

In Partnership with Alba Botanica®

We talked to Tina from WI about her experience using Alba Botanica and here’s what she had to say:

Your initial take on this body wash and lotion?
I was excited to try both Alba Botanica lotion and body wash because my skin is so dry right now with the cold weather. Both bottles stood out to me with their bright yellow color but it took a little bit to find them due to the body wash not being with the other body washes.
Would you recommend these products to a friend?
I would recommend the body wash and lotion because both left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. The honey mango scent smelled awesome and the body lotion did not leave me feeling greasy at all. I would tell everyone at work about Alba Botanica since a lot of us are constantly using lotion to combat our dry hands from washing and sanitizing.
Why you’d reach for Alba Botanica again...
Both Alba Botanica products helped my skin stay moisturized so I don't have to repeatedly apply lotion to dry skin. Lately with the cold weather, and washing more with the virus, it seems like I'm always putting lotion on my hands. This product definitely saves me time and discomfort.
How was your experience sourcing plant-based skin care at Walmart?
I was not surprised to find plant-based products at Walmart as they carry a lot of products there. I did have to look at their website to see where the product was located because I could not find them at first and didn't realize there was a plant-based/more natural section for these. I would definitely be willing to purchase plant-based products again.
Alba Botanica leaves my body feeling hydrated and moisturized all day long, even in the harsh winter.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Wash And Lotion